Pickled Gherkins

Traditional Dill and Garlic Pickles.

Our signature product is Pickled Gherkins. We grow the gherkins, the dill and the garlic right here on the farm and we pickle them here too. You too can get pickled with us! Order your gherkins by emailing us adsumfarmhouse@gmail.com or you can find them at Ruby Goose, or Red Beard Bakery Trentham,  Piper st Food co, Kyenton, Hepburn General store in Hepburn and Cliffy’s cafe in Daylesford and Green goes the grocer in Castlemaine and NOW in Melbourne at

Rhubarb Rhubarb & Apples and Sage organics Stores

You can also find our Pickled Jalapenos and our Blueberry Jam at most of the stores above, or you can email us for individual orders.

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