Our Story


We are a young family of four, plus a couple of furry friends,

(Pickle the dog and Sage the cat)

We are living and thriving on a small plot of land in the Central Highlands in Victoria, Australia .

We call it Adsum Farmhouse.

(Adsum in Latin means I am present)

The original 1880s farmhouse and its grand old oak enchanted us the moment we saw it, and we knew this was the place to create our dream. After much hard work we have made the old farmhouse a family home, we were married here, we share food and our knowledge here and we welcome Wwoofers/helpx from all over the world to share their stories and skills and to help us tend the land using only organic farming methods.

As a result, we have created a market garden that not only sustains ourselves, however now also nourishes our community.

To see what we are up to, what we are growing follow us on facebook  or  instagram


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